Old school uniforms, white-collars, and dark blue uniforms are in the past. Now, we are in the era of specially designed school uniform. It is possible to hear something fashionable each day. As School Design, we are designing and producing unique school uniform.

Fashion isn’t on the runway anymore. Fashion is everywhere. Become Fashionable!

We will be your solutions partner for producing cloths in different organisations like graduation t-shirts, club, and foundation events with our specially designed t-shirt for your event or celebration.

Nowadays, schools are trying to be different and notices with communication and promotion efforts. When schools adopt these methods in different ways, they tend to use all communication platforms.

Schools want to shine out not only with their education models, but also with social and physical opportunities of school, catering, and school services, as well as school uniform. We are the solution partners of schools that desire to increase their brand value by differentiating with their school uniform. We are designing and producing school uniform for schools.

Our firm raised the standards for school uniform design and offers high-quality textile and printing for special designs. Our concept combines comfort and design. We are changing the dull-looking school uniform into comfortable and functional cloth combinations.

Special collections for school will help to increase the brand value of a school and help the schools to shine with their school uniforms . All schools could easily choose School Design for all their school uniforms . Our firm will offer your affordable prices and help you to increase the brand value of your school with unique designs.